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Mentors Conclave

Once in a while, even for a seasoned businessman, training and knowledge sharing is essential. The motive behind such sessions may not be defined until it is actually useful for such individual who may find it important for him in his own business. Our past participants agree that even the best businessmen require mentoring. And hence GEMS on regular intervals organise a Mentors Conclave for the businessmen who are a part of GEMS as mentors and wish to learn more. The intentions at the Mentors Conclave are simple.. Learn to Share the knowledge and Learn for Yourself.

GEMS Trust since its inception, believes that knowledge is power and thus, the subjects for the Mentors Conclave are selected on the basis of the requirements during that particular time. For example, some subjects covered by GEMS in the Mentors Conclave were: How to deal with Credit System in the market? Why is Expansion important for Business? How to deal with Bad Customers? etc.

An overview of such subjects involve results which are amazing as the actual reality sharing by businessmen is different from that which is available in theory.

Besides Knowledge sharing for the Mentors Conclave, GEMS also recognises the Mentors for their great work and enrols new mentors and recommendations during this session. If you are passionate about your business, and want to share your ideas and tips to those who wish to join in to do similar business, especially the younger ones.. Join in as a Mentor to experience knowledge and sharing through our trust.